04 October 2007

Academic Dress

Academic dress is a part of the Oxford University tradition. (View the three page guidelines, if you like--I did!) They are beautiful and exciting, but if you were thinking, "Oh boy! Alison gets to dress up like Hermione!" take your standards... and put them lower. At Oxford, Harry and pals would only have sleeves on their robes if they were post-graduates. On the bright side, I get an awesome Saint-Thomas-esque hat of which Harry even Dumbledore never dreamed.

There are three degrees of dressed up for students without hoods, ie me:
1. Casual dress with the robe on top, which I think looks particularly silly
2. Nice dress with robe on top, which is how I am pictured here.
3. Sub-fusc (pronounced fosc as best I can tell) with robe on top and with awesome hat, which is how I will be dressed for matriculation next week


Adam Solove said...

We want a picture with the hat! We all demand it.

Reading the District said...

here here!

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.